Treatment for Oral Cancer

Our goal at Monarch Dental is to identify the signs and symptoms of oral cancer before they progress to more serious dental issues.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is one of the most common cancers today and has one of the lowest survival rates, with thousands of new cases being reported each year.

Moreover, people with many forms of cancer can develop complications. Some of them chronic and painful from their cancer treatment. These include dry mouth and overly sensitive teeth, as well as accelerated tooth decay.

Who is at risk of oral cancer?

Older adults over the age of 40 (especially men) are most susceptible to developing oral cancer, but people of all ages are at risk.

Oral cancer can occur anywhere in the mouth, but the tongue appears to be the most common location. Other oral structures could include the lips, gums and other soft palate tissues in the mouth.

Oral Cancer & STDs

A correlation between oral cancer and HPV has been discovered. After contracting HPV, people are more susceptible to develop oral cancer.

Signs & Symptoms

Here are some warning signs of oral cancer:

  • Hoarseness or difficulty swallowing
  • Unusual bleeding or persistent sores in the mouth that won't heal
  • Lumps or growths in other nearby areas, such as the throat or neck

When you come in for your routine checkups, our dentists will provide a dental exam to check for these warning signs.

In addition to oral cancer, they will check for face and neck cancers as well.

New Patients Welcome

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