General Dentistry

Our supportive dental team in Leamington provides a wide range of general dentistry services to meet the needs of our patients, including fillings, dental crowns, root canal therapy, and more.

Composite Fillings

If your teeth are in pain, there is a chance you may have a cavity. Our dental team at Monarch Dental will help relieve the pain with our natural looking solutions. 

We use composite fillings, which are tooth-coloured and made of durable resin that can be bonded to your teeth for a stronger, more natural-looking effect.

Composite fillings are durable, virtually undetectable and require only a single appointment to apply.

Amalgam Restorations

Amalgam (silver) fillings are made up of mercury, powdered silver and tin. They are mixed and packed into cavities in the tooth.

Once hardened, they replace the missing tooth substance. Amalgam fillings have been used for many years, and are proven to be very durable.

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Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is strong but its inner dental pulp is injured or infected, we often suggest root canal therapy in lieu of tooth extraction.

This pulp provides the tooth with nutrients and nerves. If the pulp is damaged, the tooth’s nerves die. The surrounding tissue can become infected as well, causing the tooth to die.

Root canals clean the inside of the impaired tooth, after which it is sealed to preserve functionality.

If you or a family member would like more information, please feel free to give us a call!

New Patients Welcome

At Monarch Dental, we love meeting new faces. If you are new to the Leamington community, or one of the surrounding areas, and are looking for a dentist, come in for a visit. Our dedicated team will work together with you to develop the right treatment plan to meet your dental needs. 

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From Our Dentists

  • The bacteria in your mouth feed on sugars to produce the acids that wear away at your tooth enamel and dentin, resulting in cavities. For this reason, it's important to limit the sugar in your diet, and brush and floss carefully.
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